: Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo - Reliable and Versatile Fishing Kit

Published on May 18, 2023, 5:19 p.m.

Fishing is a popular hobby that allows you to relax outdoors and connect with nature. Having the right fishing rod and reel combo can make your fishing trips more convenient, enjoyable, and successful. The Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo provides a complete kit with quality components for a very reasonable price.
 Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


The Richcat combo includes a 7.9-foot telescopic fishing rod, 5000 size spinning reel, line, pole holder, and bell alarm. The medium-heavy rod is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass, providing strength to handle sizable fish while maintaining sensitivity for detecting bites. The full metal reel has a 5.2:1 gear ratio for smooth and rapid retrieval.

Key Features:

  • Carbon fiber and fiberglass construction
  • Lightweight and sensitive
  • Reinforced rod tip
  • Corrosion resistant guides and reel seat
  • Pre-loaded with fishing line
  • Foldable reel handle
  • Smooth drag adjustment
  • Telescoping travel design

 Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Design and Build Quality

Despite the low cost, Richcat didn’t cut corners on design and construction. The rod features reinforced carbon fiber at the tip section to prevent snapping. The guides are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and the reel seat uses a double locking mechanism for security. The EVA foam handles provide comfort for extended fishing sessions.

The spinning reel is compact yet rugged. Key components like the rotor, spool, and handle are metal. The interchangeable handle folds down for convenience. Drag adjustment is smooth across a wide 13 lb range.

Performance and Handling

While primarily designed for freshwater, the Richcat rod and reel perform admirably in inshore saltwater applications. The power and responsiveness of the rod allows you to cast lures and baits far and fight fish effectively. The smooth drag and anti-reverse reel prevent line snapping and lost catches.

Convenience Features

Telescoping down to 24 inches, the Richcat rod travels easily. Anglers appreciate that it comes pre-spooled with 22 lb fishing line, so it’s ready to fish straight out of the box. The included pole holder and bite alarm add functionality. When collapsed, the rod sections lock securely in alignment.

Use Cases:

  • Freshwater fishing - bass, trout, panfish
  • Inshore saltwater fishing - snook, redfish, snapper
  • Boat fishing
  • Pier fishing
  • Surf fishing
  • Bank fishing

User Feedback Analysis

The Richcat fishing rod and reel combo has received mostly positive reviews from customers highlighting its versatility, performance, and value. With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, many anglers are pleased with their purchase.

The carbon fiber and fiberglass rod blanks provide a good blend of strength, sensitivity, and responsiveness according to users. The quality components allow for smooth, long distance casting and fish-fighting power beyond the combo’s modest price point. The lightweight build makes it easy to handle for extended outings.

However, some owners have experienced issues with the reel and rod tip holding up over time. A small number of reviews mentioned the reel feeling flimsy or failing after saltwater use. Others found the thin rod tip to lack the backbone when setting the hook on larger fish, causing missed catches.

Overall, most customers praise the Richcat combo for its smooth performance and tremendous value. The reel and rod offer fishability rivaling more expensive setups. While perhaps not built for heavy duty use, the thoughtful design and quality are impressive given the budget-friendly price. For casually fishing a wide variety of freshwater and light saltwater species, many find this combo to be a steal.


  • Great value for money
  • Smooth casting and retrieval
  • Handles big fish well
  • Portable travel size
  • Reliable drag system


  • Reel feels a bit flimsy
  • Rod tip is slightly soft


Given its capabilities, the Richcat fishing rod and reel combo provides outstanding value for the price. All the essentials for fishing are included like the telescoping rod, spinning reel, line, and accessories for under $50. This versatile setup can tackle everything from trout to bass, catfish to walleye, and even inshore species like snook and redfish.

Considering most anglers would spend $100 or more for a dedicated freshwater or saltwater rod and reel, getting a dual-purpose kit with carrying case and extras for half that cost is a bargain. The Richcat combo equips casual anglers with quality gear to enjoy their favorite fishing spots without a big investment. For the price, it’s hard to find a better value fishing package.

While it may lack the premium finish and performance of high-end tackle, the Richcat combo gives you impressive functionality. The thoughtful engineering provides smooth casting, easy transport, and reliability to make the most of your fishing adventures. Both beginners and seasoned anglers will appreciate the value this affordable rod and reel kit offers.
 Richcat Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


If you want a sturdy, reliable rod and reel setup for fresh and saltwater fishing without breaking the bank, the Richcat Fishing Combo is an excellent choice. Thoughtful engineering provides smooth performance and durability. For beginner and experienced anglers alike, this rod and reel combination delivers outstanding functionality and value.


  • Rod power: Medium Heavy
  • Rod action: Fast
  • Rod length: 7.9 ft
  • Rod pieces: 5
  • Reel size: 5000
  • Reel ratio: 5.2:1
  • Reel bearings: 5 + 1
  • Line capacity: 220 yards of 8 lb test
  • Max drag: 13 lbs
  • Gear material: Metal
  • Pre-spooled line: 22 lb monofilament

What’s Included:

  • 7.9ft Telescopic Fishing Rod
  • 5000 Size Spinning Reel
  • 22 lb Monofilament Line Pre-spooled
  • Foldable Reel Handle
  • Rod Bag
  • Spare Rod Tips x 2
  • Pole Holder
  • Fishing Alarm Bell