: Zebco Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line

Published on May 12, 2023, 11:50 a.m.

The Zebco Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line is a top-rated fishing line known for its strength, sensitivity, and low memory. With high tensile strength, low stretch, and a thin diameter, this line allows anglers to detect bites easily while providing the power needed to reel in big fish. I recently tested the 725-yard spool of 4lb Outcast monofilament and was very impressed with its performance and value.
 Zebco Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line


The Zebco Outcast monofilament line comes in a variety of spool sizes from 160 yards to 725 yards and pound tests from 4lb to 30lb. The line has a uniform round cross-section and smooth surface that allows it to cast well and move freely through guides. It is specially formulated to have low memory out of the package so it doesn’t retain coils or kinks.


  • High tensile strength for confidence in fighting fish
  • Low stretch and memory for superior sensitivity
  • Abrasion resistant to prevent fraying
  • Thin diameter improves castability
  • Clear blue tint for easy visibility


I found the 4lb test Outcast line to have the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and handling for finesse applications like dropping a wacky rigged senko next to docks. Despite the light test, it had plenty of power to land 2-3lb bass without issue. The low memory was evident right out of the package, no coils or twists. Casting was smooth and it flowed through the guides with no friction or hesitation. Overall, it performed exactly as high-end monofilament should.

 Zebco Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line

Usage Scenarios

The Zebco Outcast line is a great choice for finesse fishing applications like drop shot rigs, shakey heads, wacky rigs, and weightless soft plastics where sensitivity is key. It’s also ideal for trout fishing and crappie fishing where thin diameter lines are preferred. The 4lb test is perfect for panfish while the 8-10lb tests work well for bass fishing.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 3000 reviews on Amazon, the Zebco Outcast monofilament line has been extensively used by fishermen across North America. It earns a very high 4.5 out of 5 stars overall, with 74% of reviews giving a perfect 5 star rating. Users consistently praise the strength, casting performance, lack of memory, and great value.

Many reviews contain stories of anglers landing impressive fish like 5-8lb bass and 50lb catfish on the 4-10lb test lines. The line withstands the fight of big fish without breaking or excessive stretching. The sensitivity allows detecting subtle bites while the thin diameter cuts through the water and shoots long distances on accurate casts.

Users mention the Zebco Outcast line stacks up equal to or better than premium lines from Berkley, Spiderwire, and Hi-Seas that can cost 2-3 times as much. The abrasion resistance prevents fraying and allows the line to hold up trip after trip. While a few users note the light blue tint rather than a completely clear line, most praise the color for visibility.

Pros and Cons

- Strong and durable
- Excellent sensitivity
- Minimal memory and coils
- Great value for premium line
- Good abrasion resistance

- Light blue tint rather than completely clear

 Zebco Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line


Priced at approximately $10-15 per spool from 160 to 725 yards, the Zebco Outcast provides tremendous value. Most lines with similar features and performance cost $15-25 per spool of just 225 yards. You get nearly triple the yardage for equal or less price with the Zebco. The Outcast line compares favorably to premium lines costing 3-4 times as much, making it a steal for quality monofilament.

With excellent strength, sensitivity, casting distance, and abrasion resistance, the performance equals top tier mono lines. The minimal memory and lack of coils allow it to outperform lines costing twice as much. When you factor in the large spool sizes up to 725 yards and competitive pricing, the Zebco Outcast is a top value fishing line with amazing quality for the price. It delivers on all the key needs anglers have for a versatile monofilament fishing line.


Zebco’s Outcast Monofilament Fishing Line lives up to its reputation. With high strength, sensitivity, abrasion resistance, and casting performance, it’s an excellent choice for all finesse and light tackle applications. The low memory and competitive pricing make it a top value pick.


  • Materials: nylon monofilament
  • Pound Tests: 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 25, 30lb
  • Yardage: 160, 190, 225, 475, 550, 650, 725 yards
  • Abrasion Resistance: 8.5/10
  • Memory: 9/10
  • Tensile Strength: Excellent
  • Stretch: Low
  • Diameter: Uniform round

Box Contents

The Zebco Outcast monofilament fishing line comes spooled on a cardboard tube wrap. The box contains the spooled line and may include a small insert with directions.