Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler: The Portable No Twist Fishing Line Winder

Published on May 18, 2023, 9:39 p.m.

Having a quality fishing line spooler makes putting new line on your reels quick and easy. The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler is a handy portable winding station designed to prevent line twist and tangles when spooling braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon fishing lines. Its innovative design keeps the line and reel rotating at the same speed for smooth, frustration-free winding.


Brand Background

Piscifun is a fishing gear brand founded in 2013 with the motto “Fish with Family”. They aim to make fishing more enjoyable and affordable through high-quality, innovative products like the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler.

Product Specs

  • Weight: 263 grams
  • Material: Composite fiber
  • Capacity: Spool width up to 140mm, rod diameter 0.2-1.1 inches
  • Compatible: All fishing line types and reels

Key Features

  • No Line Twist Design - Unique rotation synchronization prevents looping, uneven wind, backlashing
  • Portable and Lightweight - Weighing only 263 grams with a compact profile for easy transport
  • Universal Compatibility - Works with spinning, baitcast, and spincast reels up to 140mm wide
  • Adjustable Tension - Precisely controls drag when winding to prevent overruns
  • Secure Mounting - Clamps directly onto rods from 0.2-1.1” diameter

 Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler


The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler features a lightweight yet durable composite fiber construction. Its compact and portable profile makes it easy to pack along on fishing trips. The two-piece take apart design provides easy storage. The all-black color scheme blends in discreetly during use. Overall the design focuses on portability and functionality.
 Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler

Ease of Use

The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler is designed for quick and easy setup. Installation takes just seconds by clamping it onto the rod blank. Intuitive tension and grip knobs make dialing in the perfect spool resistance simple. The automatic line twist prevention requires no special techniques. Easy breakdown after spooling helps with convenient storage and transport.

Build Quality

The composite fiber material provides a good balance of lightweight durability. The clamp and other components are made from strong plastics that can withstand outdoor use. Rubber gaskets ensure a solid grip on the rod and supply spool. Overall the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler is well-constructed with quality materials for longevity.
 Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler


The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler functions as an easy way to wind new fishing line onto reels smoothly and evenly. Key features include line twist prevention, adjustable tension control, and secure clamping. Compatibility with various reels, lines, and rod blanks enhances the versatile functionality.


The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler requires minimal maintenance thanks to its durable construction. Keeping the components clean and dry after use is recommended. Disassembling and re-greasing the tension knob annually can help keep operations smooth. With basic care, the spooler should provide reliable service for years.

Release Date

The Piscifun TL028 fishing line spooler was first released on April 21, 2018. It has been continually updated and manufactured since then.

Brand Origin

Piscifun is a fishing equipment company founded in the United States in 2013. They have a focus on innovative tools and electronics to improve the fishing experience.


The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler comes with extra rubber clamp pads and a suction cup mount. Piscifun offers replacement parts available for purchase.


The spooler is covered by a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

 Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler

Use Cases

The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler is ideal for spooled fishing line onto reels of all types. It allows anglers to quickly replace old monofilament, braided lines, and fluorocarbon lines with new ones. The spooler is also useful for topping off reels with extra line. Portability makes it easy to maintain tackle at home or on the shore.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 3,000 customer reviews, the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. The vast majority of anglers praise the smooth and tangle-free winding performance. Many reviews specifically highlight the innovative design that synchronizes the line and reel rotation to elegantly prevent frustrating line twist and loops. According to excited customers, this clever feature makes spooling new line “easier than ever.”

In their feedback, buyers enthusiastically compliment the versatility of the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler. They note how it effortlessly accommodates different reel types including spinning, baitcast, and spincast models. Anglers of all skill levels say the adjustable tension knob provides the perfect controlled resistance when spooling various types of line such as braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon. Several reviewers happily report that the spooler works great for both heavy saltwater lines and lightweight offerings for trout.

Portability and durability are also frequently mentioned pros by Piscifun customers. They find the compact size fits easily into tackle boxes and bags while still being sturdy enough for years of service. One customer cleverly joked “this little gadget packs neatly away but is tougher than grandpa’s old boots!”

Despite being inexpensive, the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler earns praise for its clever and efficient design. Many reviewers comment on the excellent value offered by this handy accessory that takes the frustration out of a formerly tedious task. As one angler put it online: “Setting up a dozen rods for the season took less time than one did before thanks to this little wonder-worker.”

The most common criticism focuses on the clamp’s grip being less secure on very small diameter rod blanks. However, several users mentioned this can be easily remedied by spooling upside down or adding rubber shims to tighten the fit when needed.

Overall customer sentiment is overwhelmingly positive for the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler. Anglers unanimously agree that this handy accessory takes the hassle and tedium out of spooling new line. They report how this affordable little tool has vastly improved their fishing experience thanks to quick and frustration-free line winding.


  • Prevents line twist and wind knots
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Works with spinning, baitcast, and spincast reels
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Good price value


  • Clamp may not fit very small rod blanks
  • Suction cup doesn’t work well on some surfaces


At just under $20, the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler provides excellent value. Its innovative design makes spooling new line frustration-free and convenient compared to manual winding. The high-quality construction and versatility enhance any angler’s fishing experience.

 Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler


With its innovative no-twist design and universal compatibility, the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler makes quick work of spooling new line onto any reel. Its lightweight and compact size allow you to maintain your own tackle with convenience. For smooth winding performance on the go, the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler is an excellent value fishing accessory.

What’s in the box

The Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler comes packaged with:

  • Line spooler unit
  • Extra rubber pads for the clamp
  • Suction cup base
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Clamp the Piscifun TL028 Fishing Line Spooler onto the rod blank nearest the reel foot.
  2. Attach the line spool to the tension mount.
  3. Adjust the grip strength and drag as needed.
  4. Thread the line through the guides and attach it to the reel.
  5. Begin winding the reel handle while keeping light tension on the supply spool.
  6. Wind smoothly and evenly until the desired amount of line is spooled.


  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Model Number: TL028
  • Weight: 263 grams
  • Material: Composite fiber
  • Capacity: Up to 140mm spool width
  • Rod Diameter Capacity: 0.2-1.1 inches
  • Mount: Clamp or suction cup
  • Line Twist Prevention: Yes
  • Reel Compatibility: Spinning, baitcast, spincast