Review: VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod - Portable and Versatile Fishing Gear

Published on Aug. 1, 2023, 7:38 p.m.

Fishing is a popular hobby that allows you to get out in nature and try your hand at catching your next meal. Having the right fishing rod can make all the difference for a successful fishing trip. The VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod is an affordable and portable option perfect for freshwater fishing enthusiasts.

VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod


  • Brand: VANZACK
  • Model Number: Multiple sizes from 1.8M to 2.7M
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Features: Telescopic, portable, lightweight, sturdy
  • Price: $9.71 - $15.15

Key Features

  • Telescopic design - extends from 46cm to 270cm
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made from durable fiberglass material
  • Includes ceramic guide rings
  • Eva foam handle for comfort
  • Available in multiple sizes

Features and Benefits

The VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod stands out for its thoughtful design and versatility. As a telescoping rod, it can extend from a compact 46cm when collapsed up to 2.7m when fully extended. This makes it highly portable and easy to store in your backpack or tackle box.

Despite its portable size, the rod is made from durable fiberglass that can handle fish up to 500g, more than enough for most freshwater fishing applications. The ceramic guide rings help reduce friction on the fishing line. It also comes with a smooth EVA foam handle for comfort.

Performance and Quality

Overall, the VANZACK telescopic fishing rod performs very well for its low price point. The construction quality is solid and the rod feels sturdy in hand. Casting distance is decent and the rod sensitivity allows you to feel bites from small panfish to moderate bass.

The rod tips are perhaps the weakest point and users should take care not to high stick or torque the rod too aggressively when landing a big fish. Still, the rod holds up nicely for typical freshwater fishing uses.

Ideal Uses

This rod excels as a versatile all-purpose fishing rod for freshwater. It’s ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures where portability is paramount. The telescoping design makes it perfect to stash in your backpack.

It can handle a variety of light fishing applications from ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. It’s a great rod for catching panfish, trout, bass, perch, crappie, and more.

User Feedback

The VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod has received positive feedback for its portability and ease of use. Customers mention how easy it is to store in a backpack and take anywhere. Many reviewers commented on the smooth telescoping action and sturdy build quality given the low price. A few anglers noted the rod is not quite as sensitive or durable as higher end models, but works very well for the price. The vast majority of reviews gave the product 5/5 stars.

Pros and Cons

- Telescoping design is highly portable
- Lightweight but still fairly durable
- Low and affordable price point
- Smooth casting and reeling

- Not as sensitive or durable as premium rods
- Reel seat could be more refined
- Rod tips prone to breaking if mishandled


$9.71 to $15.15 depending on size and color

VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod


For its affordable price, the VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod delivers great performance and versatility. Ultralight and travel anglers will appreciate its smooth telescoping design and portability. While not the strongest rod out there, it can handle the majority of freshwater fishing needs for the casual angler.


  • Length: Up to 2.7m extended
  • Collapsed Length: 46cm
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Handle: EVA Foam

What’s Included

The VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod comes with the rod and a basic rod sock. Reel and line sold separately.

How to Use

To use, simply extend the rod sections out and align until fully extended and locked. Attach your reel and fishing line. Control the rod gently when casting and reeling in fish. Don’t high stick or torque the rod aggressively when landing a fish. Store in the rod sock and collapse the telescoping sections for easy portability.

VANZACK Telescopic Fishing Rod