Fiblink Flipped Trolling Fishing Rod Review

Published on May 18, 2023, 5:51 p.m.

The Fiblink Flipped trolling rod is a heavy-duty big game fishing rod designed for offshore saltwater trolling and deep dropping. Available in multiple sizes from 5.5ft to 6.5ft, it features a powerful carbon fiber and fiberglass composite blank, corrosion-resistant components, and smooth roller guides ideal for reducing friction on braided lines. With its specialized design focused on big game trolling, this Fiblink rod delivers strength, durability, and comfort needed for battling large saltwater species.
 Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Blank - Made of a carbon fiber and fiberglass composite that provides excellent strength for fighting big fish, yet maintains sensitivity for detecting bites.

  • Durable Roller Guides - Features high quality stainless steel roller guides that protect lines from friction and wear, especially important for braided lines. Corrosion resistant.

  • Ergonomic Handle - Specialized EVA foam handle provides all-day comfort and allows for easy cranking during long fights with big game fish. Non-slip grip.

  • Machined Aluminum Reel Seat - Strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant reel seat equipped for heavy-duty conventional or lever drag reels.

  • Boat Compatible - Equipped with a rear gimbal foot and diameter suitable for rod holders on boats of all sizes. Ideal for trolling spreads.

  • 1 Year Warranty - Backed by Fiblink’s 1 year warranty program for defects and workmanship issues.

Construction Quality & Durability

Overall this Fiblink trolling rod is very well constructed with high quality components and craftsmanship. The carbon fiber and fiberglass composite blank has excellent hoop strength to subdue large powerful fish, yet retains sensitivity in the tip for bite detection. The guides are very smooth and sturdy, built to last through thousands of miles of trolling.

All connection points feel tight and secure. The EVA foam grip also feels dense and durable, providing a comfortable non-slip grip. The machined aluminum components have a corrosion resistant anodized finish. With proper maintenance and care, this rod should provide many seasons of offshore trolling service.
 Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod

Fishing Performance

Designed specifically for offshore trolling, this Fiblink rod performs excellently for targeting large pelagic species like tuna, wahoo, and marlin. It has the strong yet responsive backbone needed to maintain pressure and avoid losing fish after long runs. The smooth roller guides minimize friction when paired with braided lines, allowing for better castability and lure action.

The length helps provide good leverage and rod bend when dealing with sizeable gamefish. The specialized build suits conventional reels well for serious offshore work. Anglers report excellent results trolling offshore around structure as well as open water, attracting strikes on skirted lures, jetheads, minnow baits, and ballyhoo rigs.

Available Models

The Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod comes in multiple sizes to match specific fishing applications:

  • 5‘6” - 30-50lb class - Light tackle trolling and livelining
  • 6‘6” - 50-80lb class - Midsize boat trolling and drifting
  • 6‘6” - 80-120lb class - Heavy standup trolling and downrigging
  • 6’ - 80-120lb class - Extra leverage on giants

There are also 1-piece and 2-piece variations with the same specifications. Pick the perfect model for your specific boat setup and target species.

 Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod

Ideal Uses

  • Offshore trolling for big game species
  • Livebait drifting and slow trolling over structure
  • Downrigging in deep productive waters
  • Standup tackle for offshore fishing boats
  • Surf fishing from piers or rocks for big species

User Feedback Analysis:

The Fiblink trolling rod earns very positive reviews, receiving 4.4 out of 5 stars. Users praise the strength of the composite blank and the smoothness of the roller guides. The rods hold up well to big powerful fish. Some mention the guide quality could be slightly better. A few dislike the 1-piece model for storage. Overall most agree it’s a high quality specialized trolling rod for the price.


  • Strong and sensitive carbon composite
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Specialized for offshore trolling
  • Good quality for reasonable price


  • Can be prone to breakage if abused
  • Roller guides could be higher grade
  • 1-piece difficult to store

Price & Value

With retail prices ranging from around $70 up to $130, the Fiblink Flipped rods deliver very good value. The quality of components and construction rivals rods costing upwards of $200+. For serious bluewater anglers on a budget, Fiblink trolling rods offer solid performance without breaking the bank.

The value is highest for saltwater anglers who specialize in trolling and need the specialty roller guides and tail stock. For more casual fishing, the premium might not be warranted. But for offshore enthusiasts, this rod’s specialized build adds value matched by few competitors.
 Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod

Final Thoughts

For anglers looking to equip their vessel for offshore trolling, the Fiblink Flipped rod is purpose-built for the task. It can handle the long fights and blistering runs from pelagic bruisers that smaller rods can’t. The smooth roller guides minimize friction and wear when paired with today’s superlines. And the comfort-focused handle reduces fatigue on all-day trolling excursions.

While the price may seem high for casual anglers, it’s warranted for serious saltwater enthusiasts who understand the advantage of a specialized trolling rod. Built to perform and built to last through season after season of offshore action.


Lengths: 5‘6”, 6‘6”, 6’

Power: Medium-heavy to extra-heavy

Line Weight: 30lb to 120lb

Pieces: 1-piece and 2-piece

Material: Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass

Box Includes:

  • Trolling fishing rod
  • Protective rod sock

How to Use:

  1. Insert rod butt into gimbal or rod holder
  2. Attach reel loaded with line matched to rod rating
  3. Rig lure, bait or leader for trolling
  4. Let out line to desired trolling depth
  5. Begin trolling at slow target speed with baits/lures
  6. Keep rod tip up and reel engaged when fish strikes
  7. Retrieve fish steadily and quickly if possible
  8. Take rod out of holder if needed during fight
  9. Return to holder after landing fish
Fiblink Flipped Trolling Rod